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All the muscle tissue you break down must be supported with a wholesome, protein-rich diet to regenerate, recover and build back bigger and stronger.

There are two meal plans: One you’ll follow on training days, and the other you’ll adhere to on rest days.

To tailor the meal plans to your individual size and goals, you’ll receive my Super Simple Calorie Calculator to get your proper caloric intake to ensure you’re eating the right amounts and in the right proportions to gain mass or shred fat -- and you’ll do it without any extra work or thought because I’ve already designed them for you.

The meal plans are divided into two goals: MASS meal plans and SHRED meal plans. The mass meal plans will reward you with pounds of rock-solid muscle (without an ounce of fat), and the shred meal plans will help you strip away the fat and reveal (without losing an ounce of muscle) your ripped body accompanied with eye-popping six-pack abs.

The Simple, No-Nonsense Meal Plans are specifically designed to be used in conjunction with any workout program you're currently following and to ensure your hard work in the gym doesn’t go to waste -- all while saving a legit 75% by ordering them before Sunday July 3rd at midnight EST for a "4-Day Flash Sale".

The Simple, No-Nonsense
Meal Plans Include:

Here's just a taste of how these simple, no-nonsense meal plans will ensure your work in the gym doesn’t go to waste:


    This means you won’t waste any extra work or time with complicated and confusing formulas and, instead, you can put your efforts directly into following the plan so you build the body you’ve always wanted.


    The mass meal plans deliver the optimal proportions of proteins, carbs and fat to accelerate recovery, provide energy and synthesize new muscle tissue (without blowing you up like the Pillsbury Doughboy). The shred meal plans deliver the optimal calories and macronutrient proportions of proteins, carbs and fat to control hormones and accelerate fat loss, so that you don’t lose any precious muscle.


    The only way you’ll achieve your goals is if you enter your weight every two weeks to see if you need to switch meal plans (i.e. add more calories or reduce calories to continue your progress across the finish line). It has never been easier than this.


    This is considered “The Holy Grail” of fitness and I know the nerds scream that this “defies science” or is “impossible” but the fact remains, many of our test group students gained muscle and lost fat at the same -- and they are NOT beginners, obese or using steroids. Admittedly, these are not typical results, but it’s certainly possible if you dial in your workouts and nutrition to perfection.


    The MASS phase meal plans include the following calories so you’re in control of how many slabs of beef you want to explode off your frame: 2,500, 3,000, 3,500, 4,000, 4,500 and 5,000 calories.

    The SHRED phase meal plans include the following calories so you’re in control of whether you want a flat-stomach, 4-pack, 6-pack or a razor-sharp 8-pack via the following calorie levels: 1,500, 2,000, and 2,500 calories


    It’s no secret, consuming the optimal nutrients during and after your workout helps you turn the tide in the war for more muscle and less fat, and every meal plan will tell you the most-effective nutrients to take during and after training.


    There are far too many complicated meal plan systems out there and most of us are best off going with the simplest option, which is having a training day meal plan and a non-training day meal plan. The logic is to maximize muscle growth on your training days (without gaining an ounce of fat) while maximizing fat loss on your non-training days (without losing an ounce of muscle) -- and that is exactly what you’re getting with the Simple, No-Nonsense Already Designed Meal Plans.


    Guys who don’t get the results they want always make the same two nutrition excuses: 1) I don’t have time to cook, or 2) I don’t know how to cook. I don’t care if you’re pulling 12-hour days, you will have time to make these meals, which are so simple that you’ll make them perfectly on the first try.

HERE’S SOME SIMPLE MATH that many people still can’t seem to grasp. You’re in the gym for only an hour or so each day, leaving another 22-23 hours in which muscle growth and fat loss depends solely on what goes in -- or stays out of -- your body.

So why is the nutrition side of the mass-gaining and fat-shredding equation often neglected? I have no idea and I’m sure you understand that to take your physique to the next level, a tailored meal plan is of utmost importance, which is why I’m going to offer the entire Simple, No-Nonsense Already-Designed Meal Plan solution for no-brainer…

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My Personal Guarantee

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If fact, if the workouts don’t OVER DELIVER on your expectations and deliver EXTRAORDINARY results, I insist that you ask for a refund because I ONLY want ultra satisfied customers to keep my programs.

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